Monday, January 29, 2007

More Cards for the WetCanvas ATC Exchange.

I spent the long weekend playing around with acrylics.
I bought some drying retarder and I am in love!! The blendability of oils with the quick drying properties of the cool!

Here are some cards I created.

I had a pretty productive weekend. I also made a few Oil ATCs too and will post them when they are dry.

Elijah: Colour pencil on canvas paper.

Tropical Paradise: Acrylic on Gessoed card. Freedom: Acrylic on canvas paper.Nostalgia: Colour Pencil on card.Magnolias: Digital.Einie the Macaw: Acrylic on canvas paper.Green Rose: Acrylic on canvas paper. Self Portrait: Acrylic on Gessoed Card.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

WetCanvas - ATC Project 2007.

I joined a project happening at WetCanvas in which each player has to create an ATC for each of the other 25 players. There is a 6 month time frame but here are my first five cards. I think this is going to be quite a bit of fun and gives me the opportunity to experiment with lots of different mediums and subjects!

1: "Jaffa" - Colour Pencil on Water colour paper.
" Cute Puppy" - Digital painting.
"Still life 1" - Acrylic painting on gessoed card..
"Sedona" - Coloured pencil on gessoed card.
"Buffy" - Acrylic on gessoed card.