Monday, February 25, 2008

New ATCs.

I have been creating a few ATCs over the past few weeks.
Some Acrylic and some collage.
1: "Orca" - This is an Oil painted ATC.
2: "Dolphin" - This one is acrylic. I like that it is a monochrome. I have painted this before in digital. Its one of my favourite images.
3: "Fur Seal Cub" - This is another acrylic painting. ATC size.
4: "Bird on a wire" - Yet another acrylic ATC.
5: "Time to take off" - This is a collage card.
I am having trouble sourcing my usual glaze and was trying a different brand, unfortunately it leeches the colour out of the printed images.
Came out ok anyway, just a bit blurry.
6: "Secrets" is another collage that I created as an experiment just using scraps I had on hand.
I actually created this one late last year.
I like the way it came out.
7: "Big Cat" is another acrylic painting. ATC size.
8: "Peace" - This collages card was created last minute as an entry for a challenge on a yahoo site. I was impressed with what I came up with so quickly!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Neocolor Watersoluble Crayons.

I bought myself some Neocolor watersoluble crayons.
I've heard great things about them and work that I have seen done with them seemed to have great colour so I thought I would give them a try.

Here is my result.
They are lovely to use, great spread, great colour and creamy texture.
I loved using them and am tempted to rush out and get the full colour range!

This is a quick black pen sketch in a cream sketchbook with Neocolor Watersoluble Crayon colour.