Monday, December 31, 2007

WDE Drawings

Here are some Drawings from October and November WDEs that I didn't post.
These are all from my sketchbook that has soft cream coloured pages that dont take very well to having water splashed on them and the pages I have used are all crinkled up.
I don't mind. It makes it easy to find my place!
From October 20th
1. This Cat is drawn with black ink pen and coloured with some water colour pencil.

2: ....and the cow, with the luscious lips, was drawn using the same pen but coloured with pencils.

This little girl is from the 28th October. I drew this one with graphite and a little colour pencil. I need to practice my portraiture.

From WDE - 4th November.

1. The Seagull. I painted this by using a simple, very light, pencil sketch and watercolour. I erased what pencil I could afterwards. I love the result. One of my recent favourites!

2. The Crows. This one was drawn using a black ink pen and coloured with watercolour.

From November 16th WDE:

This Dragon Fruit is drawn using the black pen again and watercolour.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SunSet - WDE

This was painted using ArtRage. I like the way this one turned out. It was created for this weeks WDE at WetCanvas.
A beautiful painting created from a gorgeous photo!

Still Life Tomatoes - WDE

This painting was created using Painter Essentials.
I painted it for a recent WDE at WetCanvas.