Saturday, June 30, 2007

Digital painting With Wetcanvas References.

I have been doing a fair bit of ArtRage Art lately. Its been a little while since I have udated this blog but here i am!
These are all painted using ArtRage.

1. Dolphin: This one is from a photo I found online. I loved the way that its has only blues in it and had to try painting it. 2. Impala: This one is from a recent Weekend Drawing Event at WetCanvas.3. Lily: Another image from a recent Weekend Drawing Event at WetCanvas.4. Canteberry Bells: This image is from a WDE a while ago. I painted it for the White Flower Project I am participating in at WetCanvas.5. Conch Shell: This Shell is from The WetCanvas Image Library. It is a gorgeous image and I had to have a go at painting it.6. Fish: This is another image from a recent WetCanvas Drawing Event. 7. Father and Son: Another WDE Image. I have been doing quite a few of these in the past few weeks.8. Still Life: Yet anther WDE Image.