Monday, January 28, 2008

Digital Dog!

"Buster" -This was painted using ArtRage. I painted it to make an ATC for a Swap at WetCanvas.

Monday, January 21, 2008

WDE Jan 19 - Artrage and colour pencils.

I decided to use ArtRage again after quite some time.
After a blogging incident back in August, I was turned off doing good digital art for a long time.
I am just starting to get my hand back in.
These are from the WetCanvas Drawing Event this week. (for those who are wondering, check out wetcanvas here: )
The first was created using ArtRage.
The second one of the ship is black pen and coloured pencil in my 5x7 sketchbook.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First WDE 2008!

I can't believe it took me 14 days to get a chance to participate at WetCanvas.
I hope I get more time to do art as the year goes on!
This little cardinal is a black pen and colour pencil drawing I did for this weeks WDE.
Hes a little well fed, but cute and happy!
I enjoy using the black pen to draw, it is a real challenge to get the line right (or close to right) the first time. Once its committed to the page theres not turning back!
Can have you scratching around to try and save a drawing!
Also gets you to think about the drawing a little before drawing it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Last WDE for 2007 - Peaches.

This is drawn in black pen and coloured with coloured pencil. Its a little wonky but on the whole ok. I drew it with my sketchbook sitting on the keyboard of the laptop, sketching from the screen. It took about an hour and a half.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pigeon Surprise!

I have been working on this painting in secret for the past year, to give to DH as a Christmas present (or birthday '08 if I didn't finish it in time for Christmas!).
I finished it in time for christmas so I can post it now!
It has been very difficult at times because he was under the impression that I was painting a tree (that I did start, and will now finish!) and this tree was taking an awful long time to finish!!
Most difficult was the organisation required to get it framed!
Pigeon breeding and racing is his hobby.
He was very surprised and I think he liked it because he asked me to do one for his brother, who races pigeons too!!
I used 3 different photos I took of the pigeons, one for the group, one for the mob flying past and a couple of the white bird (called a "Grizzle") in the middle as this is his favourite bird.
Painted in oil Paint it is approx. 24" x 30".