Sunday, February 18, 2007

WetCanvas ATCs and WDEs! A world of art!

Here are some more ATCs for the Exchange at Wetcanvas.

This one is a digital painting done using Artrage.This one is an oil painting on canvas type paper.This one was drawn in response to one of the daily drawing prompts, using Artrage.
I like it alot so I decided to use it for one of these cards.

Another oil painting on canvas paper, I played around with this image for weeks and I am still not happy with it. It is Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider!
One of my all time favourite characters in game or movie form!This is another digital painting done in Artrage.
I love using this program as it is very close to painting with any other medium.
I use a stylus and tablet so its like using a brush or pen. WDEs.

This is from this weeks WetCanvas Weekend Drawing Event (WDE) I chose this image because I love the colour of the paint on her face and thought it might be cool to try to recreate that colour!I made the little girl in the image look a little older than she is is the reference.

This is a digital painting too, again done using the Artrage program.

If you've never used it, you can download a free trial version. It is really great!

This adorable image is from last weeks WDE.
I painted this one using acrylics on water colour paper. All of these are ATCs for the Wetcanvs ATC Exchange happening at the moment.


aPugsLife said...

Oh I love the duckies!!! :)

Linda said...

These are all great! I started to join a wet canvas ATC exchange -- now that I see what you're doing for it, I wish I had! Laura Croft looks perfect, by the way -- I knew exactly who it was and from what movie -- before I read what you wrote!

Nina said...

Isn't this just wonderful !

I'm the lucky recipient for this card in the WetCanvas ATC exchange and I just love it !