Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dolphin and daisies - ATC Art.

This painting is a little watercolour pencil piece I painted in response to the Wet Canvas WDE this week. It didn't scan very well but it does show how much i am struggling with the watercolours. I think I prefer Acrylic and Digital!
This is a pair of "black eyed Susan's", I wonder if they are called the same thing in Australia. Our hostess this week is an American so it might be the American name? Well I've never heard of them, they look like daisies to me so that's what they are!
This is a digital painting using ArtRage. It came out alot better than I would have expected but It took twice as long as an Acrylic might have. I will have to see how it prints out. I think it will be a great Digital ATC

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Experimenting with watercolour.

More ATCs for the WetCanvas Exchange but these are a little different.
1. Cardinal - I used watercolour pencils for the cardinal and black ink for his eyes. 2. Blue frog - watercolour pencil for the main part but acrylic for the eyes and white highlights.
3: Ostrich - In this one I have used watercolour pencils to add colour to the background and painted the focal point in acrylic. I like the way this one came out! It scanned a bit darker though.

Even More ATCs.

These are acrylic ATCs for the Exchange at WetCanvas. They seem to be the only thing I'm painting at the moment.
Even though I enjoy painting them, perhaps I have over commited myself a little!
1. Rose.
This one has lost a bit of colour in scanning. There are more lights in the actual bud that haven't shown up. 2. Strawberries.
Same thing happened to this one in scanning where it lost alot of the highlights. In fact, they have all lost a little or changed colour during scanning! Perhaps I need a new scanner? 3. Lily.4. Kangaroo.5.Dolphin.6. Cheetah.