Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pigeon Surprise!

I have been working on this painting in secret for the past year, to give to DH as a Christmas present (or birthday '08 if I didn't finish it in time for Christmas!).
I finished it in time for christmas so I can post it now!
It has been very difficult at times because he was under the impression that I was painting a tree (that I did start, and will now finish!) and this tree was taking an awful long time to finish!!
Most difficult was the organisation required to get it framed!
Pigeon breeding and racing is his hobby.
He was very surprised and I think he liked it because he asked me to do one for his brother, who races pigeons too!!
I used 3 different photos I took of the pigeons, one for the group, one for the mob flying past and a couple of the white bird (called a "Grizzle") in the middle as this is his favourite bird.
Painted in oil Paint it is approx. 24" x 30".


Wendy said...

This is really stunning. The sky is wonderful. It looks real and it looks like a beautiful day

Serena said...

OH, I really like this one, Shelly...no wonder your dh wants one for his brother too.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! The blue sky and the composition are quite striking: I'm sure it looks great on the wall.

genxster said...

This is really lovely. The birds are nicely rendered and it's a really nice composition. You should be very pleased with yourself.

MILLY said...

Really love this, it captures the birds so well and is such a lovely composition, with the blue background setting off the pigeons colours. I bet he loved his secret present. Wonderful.

Linda said...

Oh wow -- this is amazing! I love the colors and the composition -- there's a story to this one and you can choose where to look and still be happy. In other words, what I would pretty much call a perfect painting! I'll bet you husband WAS thrilled with this!