Sunday, March 30, 2008

WDE -Colour Pencil Drawings.

This week I decided to get my colour pencils (prismacolors) out and give them a go.
I can use them in the lounge where the light is dim and I cant see the colours correctly and it doesn't seem to make alot of difference.
If the colours aren't correct its no big deal as its not usually out by much.
For some reason I can not use coloured pencil lightly. I have to cover the paper completely but, I do love the way the colours blend when I burnish. ( press hard and go over another colour. )

The First one is a meadowlark on a fence stump. Second I have a horse with its eye slightly out of place but I like the colours..
Lastly, This kelpie pup had to get a guernsey as I love kelpies and this one looks just like my Molly when she was a pup!! Shame I drew the head a little long and skinny!!

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bec said...

Colored pencil is difficult... you're doing a great job~! and Wow! you have alot of blogs... I'm impressed at how you keep up with them all. keep going -- you're an inspriation!