Sunday, May 18, 2008

WDE - Still life.

This was drawn for the WetCanvas Drawing Event.
I draw this using prismacolor pencils in my 6 x 8 inch, Sketchbook.
For some reason I just cannot draw with prismacolours with out burnishing.
I just don'i want to see the papper underneath.
I really like the result though.
I enjoyed mixing up the greens in this one!


Andres said...

nice still life. Like how you have "loaded" the page... no white paper to be seen. Quite life like. After all, life doesnt have bits of white paper showing, no?
I'm in the other extreme, almost all paper & just some wiry lines. The basic shapes

Anita Davies said...

Beautiful colour use.

laureline said...

That glowing foreground color is fantastic, a stunning and surprising foil for the lemons and pepper.
This is beautiful.

Anetka said...

jaw dropping!
this is beautiful:)

Carol said...

I really like where you put your light source,I like the colors you chose and I like the detail. Great Drawing!! Can't wait to see more.

artbyjune said...

I love this. I left a comment before but not sure if it got through.