Sunday, February 01, 2009

WDE Oil Painting - Amber.

Unusual for me to paint an oil painting in one sitting.
I was inspired by the Oil painters on WDE that finish thier paintings in the one sitting and thought I would try.
Although not a bad effort, no where near the standard set by the other members.
This is 6 x 9 on Oil painting paper. Took about 1hr 45mins.


Anonymous said...

Classical animal painting, Classical landscape painting, Classical still life painting, Classical flower painting

Barb Hartsook said...

I disagree -- your oil painting stands tall among all of them! I like the shadows and light -- on Amber and on the greens from which she emerges. You have excellent depth... I like it! :)

Don't know if I could finish an oil on canvas in such short a time.

Barb said...

Leschelle... Your paintings are fabulous!Your love of animals shines thru' !
What a talent!