Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New cards for 25? Trade at WetCanvas.

I decided on a theme for this trade.I am painting 25 dog breeds for each letter of the alphabet.
Trying out a different support for the acrylics, 300gsm watercolour card.
Here are the first few:
A is for Airedale -B is for Border Collie -C is for Chauaua -
D is for Daschund -

G is for German Shepherd -


José said...

Hi Shelly,

These are really neat.
The "B" is the "best", for me.

Kind regards,


Margaret Ann said...

These are really precious...Gorgeous brushwork! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly - I like these series; nice paintings!

Alex said...

Thank you so much for leaving comments on my blog ^^

I think you draw the cutest dogs ever! :)

Pea said...

OMG ..so many adorable dogs!so hard to decide which one I like the most!

joshi daniel said...

oh Shelly!!! what to say, you paint really well! cheers!

Lindart said...

These are wonderful!! Even more so considering their size! I love doing ABC ATC's!

Sue J said...

What a good idea for the alphabet. Beautifully painted too.

Anonymous said...

Love the dog idea Shelly. And as usual they look fabulous. Great concept! Cyd Rust