Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Cards for the Dog Series.

Its taking me a long time to complete these but I am slowly getting there.
Here are a few more I finished in the last couple of weeks.
These are all Acrylic on Watercolour card. 2 1/2 inch x 3 1/2 inch.

"M is for Maltese Terrier.""Q is for Foxhound." (Couldn't find a dog starting with Q.)"U is for Harrier Beagle."(Couldn't find a dog starting with U.)"R is for Rottweiler.""P is for Pumi."


The Ridgewalker said...

Well Thank Goodness! I was looking at your work on your daily drawing blog and your Photo Blog, which inexplicably appear to have halted in April. I thought somethign had happened to you. Then I checked this blog and I see you are still planetside. I love your work, and your blogs are quite witty. Please keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing.
Brian D Sheremeta

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

Wow, Shell, is there anything you can't do? These are awesome!!!

Sandra said...

Shelly, thanks for following my blog, it will be nice to see yours as well....i need to comment on your doggies they are to cute for words but Pumi is my fav that painting is why to adorable....


Aurora Lovison said...

Hi! The Pumi puppy I guess is my Pimpy! You painted she really nicely :) Have a nice day and if you wish to draw more Pumi, find me on FB or at :)
Aurora Lovison