Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recent WDEs.

Here are a couple of pieces done for recent Weekend Drawing Events at WetCanvas.
Both drawn freehand and finished within the 2 hour limit.

170109 - Shark: Colour pencil in my 5 x 7 sketchbook.240109 - Winston: Acrylic on watercolour card 5 x 7.

Out of Africa trade at WetCanvas Cards.

I joined another trade at WetCanvas.
These trades are becoming addictive!
This one has an Africa theme.
I am doing animals because I love to paint animals.
Here are the first lot of cards I have painted.

1: Pangolin - I thought I would try something a bit different by using watercolour and markers on watercolour card.
While the card is ok, I was not satisfied with this as a medium.2: Flying Sugar Glider - Another watercolur and marker on watercolour card effort.
3: Pygmy kingfisher - Acrylic on Matt board.
4: Meerkat - Acrylic on Matt board.5: Hippo - Acrylic on Matt board.
6: Hornbill - Acrylic on Matt board.7: Crane - Acrylic on Matt board.
8: Buffalo - Acrylic on Matt board.
9: Baby elephant - Acrylic on Matt board.
10: Antelope - Acrylic on Matt board
11: African bird - Acrylic on Matt board.

WetCanvas ATC Exchange cards

Here are some more cards from the Wetcanvas ATC exchange.
These are the last from this trade.

1: Turtle - Acrylic on matt board.
2: Sarah the dog - Watercolour on watercolour card from a recent WDE at WetCanvas.
3: Christmas Ornaments - Watercolour on watercolour card - another from a recent WDE over christmas.
4: Cows - Acrylic on matt board.
5: Budgie - Acrylic on matt board.
6: Chocolate - Acrylic on matt board.