Saturday, May 06, 2006

WetCanvas WDE 3

For this weeks WetCanvas Weekend Drawing Event, I chose this rose to draw. I thought doing it in pencil would be quick but it took 4 hrs to see this through this far! Its prismacolour on black paper. 7" x 10".


Linda said...

Great job with this -- you captured the wonderfully velvety shine that says "rose petal!"

Susan Borgas said...

Wow Shelly it is worth every four hours that you spent on it. Beautiful!!! :)

.x*kAtY*x. said...

i love the color in this.
you comment my mom sometimes (karen sandstrom) so i thought i would check out your blog.
your art is gorgeous.


Penny said...

Oh my gosh Shelley!! This rose is FANTASTIC! I've never tried colored pencils on black paper. Just today I bought some tinted paper -- gray and beige. But, this rose is SO detailed and layered -- very inspirational!!