Sunday, May 14, 2006

WetCanvas WDE 4

I drew this for this weeks Weekend Drawing Event over at WetCanvas. I have used black pen and prismnacolor pencls to colour. I really enjoyed working on this one and it only took an hour and a quarter.


Sioux said...

This is a good one...good for you, Shelly!

Penny said...

This is lovely Shelley. I love the Wet Canvas WDE -- Have just discovered it myself! I like your use of the colored pencils together with ink.
I am TAGGING you! Please list or draw 5 things from your: purse, car, closet and refrig! Penny

Nina Johansson said...

Oh darn, Penny beat me to it! I was going to tag you too, since you wrote in a comment on my blog: "You have inspired me to draw the items too if I am ever tagged!".
Now I´m jumping up and down waiting to see your drawings!
Love the work on your blog(s), you are very good with colored pencils.